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10 thoughts on Contact

  1. Hello Yervant, Hope all is well. I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I attended your workshop in Venice, Italy a few years ago. Well anyway, it’s about the Page Gallery, your album design software. Do we have any new version or update to that, I have bought it a few years ago and you promise that new version is coming but I didn’t hear anything after that…Can you please let me know if you have an updated version? I am willing to pay for it. I truly love this software and design. Please, please give me an updated copy.


    Saud Kazi
    Your biggest fan for 10 years 🙂

  2. Hi Yervant,

    I am wanting to know what your best fees are for photography packages (preferably 8 hours+). Do you provide videography as well?

    Tugba Gocmen

  3. Dear Yervant,
    Could you provide us with the price list of a wedding photoshoot in Armenia, please? Will you be available on June 20?
    Thanks a lot in advance!
    Best regards

  4. Hi Yervant,
    I was wondering if I can have a price list for your weddings please and also if you’re available 30.10.2020?
    Thanks so much, Megan.

  5. Dear Yervant , dear Anie

    At september 2018 I was two-days participant of your seminar in Erevan, Armenia. Sorry about long time but I want to give you RAW NEF images with you.
    Dear Anie and Yervant, I want to ask you (on your terms if it possible) to give me a sample of your standart wedding agreement for client to learn myself make the same agreement for my job as wedding photographer.
    Please answer me to email or facebook
    Images are available for download at https://yadi.sk/d/gS0MfMn1jUSJTA Yandex Disk is a cloud service of Yandex search company from Russia.

  6. I purchased and LOVE your page gallery software. I recently had a computer crash and I have found the software but when I load it, it says I only have 14 days to use it. Can you help?
    My Page Gallery files say December 2007 and December 2015. I think this happened once before with my last computer switch.
    Can you help me figure out how to get it properly installed on my new machine?
    Peace and thanks, Mia

  7. Hi Yervant,

    I hope you are keeping well in these unprecedented times!

    As most people are in isolation, we have launched regular training webinars within the Guild of Photographers in the UK, along with weekly ‘exhibition hours’. where we ask people to show and talk about their work. The purpose is simply to support photographers and give them a daily focus during the current situation.

    By doing this photographers are learning too during these strange times. We, and the presenters are doing this freely, but people do like to show their gratitude to the speakers, so we link the sessions to the presenters ‘Go Fund Me’ type pages, and encourage it’s use. The generosity to date has been pleasing to see.

    We host it through zoom, and your sessions would be open to whoever you want, as well as our members. Would you be interested in running a session from your home or studio? Hope you are.

    Above all, stay safe!


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